HIAG annual report

Client: HIAG Immobilien Holding AG / Agency: Linkgroup AG

Disciplines: UX/UI design, digital branding, creative coding and typographical concept

On the HIAG project, the objective was to design an annual report website with a clean structure that brought a new perspective to their branding. My role was to redefine the structure and create a clean visual concept and screen design while incorporating innovative technology for an impressive user experience, crucial for investors and analysts.

The client identity relied on a Swiss grid layout, Helvetica font, and contrasting tones, all governed by strict branding rules. I initiated the project with an in-depth branding analysis to identify rediscover-able elements. Collaborating with Linkgroup's digital, content, and print teams ensured consistent implementation across channels.

My approach involved carefully bending certain print oriented branding rules guidelines, including introducing extra font styles for better legibility and contrast, reinterpretation of their main infographics (data visualization), with client approval. I also create an interactive pattern through creative coding, that symbolise unity and employees shared objectives, elevating the brand's visual presence.

The client expressed high satisfaction with the results, as the project garnered positive feedback from analysts and received great reception overall.


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