Swiss Recycling

Client: Swiss Recycling / Agency: Linkgroup AG / Illustrations: Patrick Oberholzer

Disciplines: digital branding optimisation, UX/UI corporate website and strategic design

In this project, my role as the lead designer was to spearhead the redesign of a corporate website in collaboration with the client and the Linkgroup consulting and project management team.

Our journey embarked with a strategic emphasis on user experience (UX). We set out to breathe new life into the corporate website while simultaneously elevating the client's branding strategy. Acknowledging the considerable challenges posed by data overload and content duplication, we recognized the imperative need for immersive Miro workshop sessions. This pivotal phase laid the foundation for a cleaner and more cohesive narrative, fostering a user experience that was both intuitive and engaging.

We were acutely aware of the client's deep-rooted affinity for the Swiss grid layout and the timeless Helvetica font. With utmost care, we retained these elements to ensure brand continuity and to honor the legacy of the brand. The client selected concept involved a collaboration with the gifted illustrator, Patrick Oberholzer, his artistic contributions breathed fresh life into the brand, infusing it with unique visual elements that captivated and resonated with the audience. The culmination of our efforts resulted in a corporate website that is not merely a reflection of the client's identity, but a modular, dynamic and informative platform.

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