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UX/UI product designer

Aimara burckhardt
senior ux/UI
product designer

I am a senior designer specialised in UX/UI product design and digital branding.

My experience extends to defining end-to-end customer journey maps, user task flows, user research, wireframes and sitemaps, as well as designing digital brands and responsive user interfaces. I am proficient in creating interactive prototypes to demonstrate the interaction models of different use cases, and I have a strong background in building Figma and Adobe XD components to support the creation of design systems.

I firmly believe in the inherent interconnection between the digital and physical worlds.

While we often draw a distinction between the digital and physical worlds, the reality is that they are intertwined. Every digital product consumes real resources, is stored in a physical space, and requires a portion of our lifetime to be experienced. Recognising this interconnectivity, I strive to design digital experiences that are not only impactful but also mindful of their real-world implications.

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