Geneva International Motor Show

Client: Geneva International Motor Show / Agency: Wirz Brand Relations AG

Disciplines: art direction, full CG Image concept

As the Art Director and Project Lead for this exciting venture, I played a pivotal role in maintaining the continuity of a highly successful two-year campaign for the Geneva International Motor Show. Our primary objective was to create key visuals featuring an incognito car model that exuded neutrality, ensuring it remained unaffiliated with any specific car brand while retaining maximum attractiveness and impact.

Upon client approval of our concept, we collaborated with Linus Schneider from Pulk, a creative collective based in Zurich, to bring our vision to life. We delved into extensive exploration of various angles and conducted diverse color tests to perfect the perspectives, angles, and lighting, essential elements in preserving the model's neutrality.

After careful consideration, the client opted for a Green palette, and we initiated the production of different advertising formats, additional pieces, and a captivating TV spot. To enhance the audiovisual experience, I collaborated with a specialized sound production studio.

This project proved to be an exceptional and collaborative creative endeavor, offering valuable learning experiences. It was particularly intriguing to push the boundaries of visual storytelling within the realm of CG images.

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