Link Group AG

Client: Linkgroup AG

Disciplines: UX/UI design and digital branding optimisation

This project presented a unique set of challenges as I embraced my new role as a senior digital UX/UI designer within the organization. It marked my inaugural assignment: the redesign of the agency's website.

Our primary objective was to usher in a fresh approach while navigating established branding rules, with a strong focus on key visuals and photography. We successfully introduced new font styles to enhance legibility, securing approval from all four partners.

Leading the execution of this significant internal project required conducting comprehensive user research studies encompassing personas, user flows, sitemaps, visual and technical moodboards, interactive prototypes, guided discussions, and fostering collaboration across departments and partners. The process also involved conducting workshops, engaging in project planning and feedback sessions, and collaborating closely with a dedicated product owner.

Preserving the client's identity, distinguished by its Swiss grid layout, Helvetica Now font, and a black-and-white palette with a single contrasting accent, presented a significant opportunity rather than a challenge. Our mission was to delicately blend the brand's rich heritage with a modern, digital-friendly twist while maintaining its core essence.

The successful completion of this project not only revitalized our website but also laid a robust foundation for future initiatives.

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