Mobility Neo Magazine

Client: Mobility SBB / Agency: Linkgroup AG

Disciplines: UX/UI design and logo optimisation

In this project, I assumed the role of a UX/UI designer tasked with crafting an online magazine seamlessly integrated into the primary corporate website. The challenge was to strike a balance between maintaining enough visual coherence with the main corporate page while introducing a distinct contrast, ensuring a clear separation of the two environments for users during navigation. Additionally, the project called for the creation of a typographical logo to enhance brand identity.

The completed online magazine stands out with a wealth of interactive features. Its content is meticulously curated to be both engaging and thought-provoking, offering a refreshing and dynamic counterpart to the more formal and serious tone of the corporate website. This strategic approach not only ensures a harmonious coexistence but also enriches the overall user experience by providing a diverse and captivating digital journey.


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