Swiss Prime Site

Client: Swiss Prime Site AG / Agency: Linkgroup AG

Disciplines: digital branding optimisation, brand guidelines, UX/UI corporate website and online annual report.

In this project, I took the lead in overhauling a corporate website and online annual report in collaboration with both the client and Linkgroup AG. Our primary objectives were to revamp the website's content, structure, and brand, fostering a holistic approach to branding and UX optimization.

My journey began by prioritizing the improvement of the user experience (UX). I tackled challenges like data overload and content duplication through immersive Miro and on-site workshops (UX Lean Canvas) together with a digital consultant. This process naturally led us to reevaluate and optimize the existing branding, transforming it into a more dynamic and engaging identity. Our unique approach involved evolving the brand guidelines and content in parallel. By synchronizing these processes, we could intelligently shape the UI screen design to align with our evolving brand identity. This smart approach enabled us to meet both client expectations and the demands of their audience. We nurtured a collaborative relationship with the client by working on their timeline and terms. This dedication to client satisfaction ensured the project's success and laid the foundation for a long-lasting and trusting partnership.

Swiss Prime Site group, founded in 1999, stands as the largest publicly traded real estate group in Switzerland. With a property portfolio valued at CHF 13.1 billion, the company also manages real estate assets of approximately CHF 21 billion, including Swiss Prime Site Solutions. Their extensive expertise in real estate makes them a significant player in the Swiss market.

This project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing user experience and branding while fostering strong client relationships. It has not only revitalized the website but also established a partnership built on trust and continued support.

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